A word on Hesychasm

For my upcoming work, I am studying various forms of Christian worship and prayer. This one was left in a comment on another, unrelated string.

What do you think?

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6 Replies to “A word on Hesychasm”

  1. Sounds good to me. It’s amazing how these monks had the time to think about all these esoteric subjects, and still scratch around for the basics to survive a couple thousand years ago. I’ll have to check in with the Sacred Mushroom, to verify out-of-body experiences.

  2. Could be interpreted as: Sit down; shut up; keep your thoughts to yourself; don’t rock the boat.

  3. I agree with the presenter. The western church during the period of the desert fathers began to embrace certain tenants of Gnosticism including the idea that the material body is evil. This idea was unknown to the Jewish Scriptures which viewed human beings in a more wholistic manner. This error is often found in church teaching today where everything is about the evil of material concerns including the social gospel. Bishop N.T.Wright correctly identifies this issue and offers what I consider a proper understanding of the oneness of the spiritual and material .

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