A Word about Tyndale’s NLT Metal Bibles

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No doubt by now, many of you know that I dearly the New Living Translation. As I have said before, it has saved my bible reading and rewarded me with a daughter who loves to read, loves her bible and is now reading well above her grade level. Now my son is wanting his own bible – it is catchy, I reckon. I mean, he sees that we read it, that his sister has one and that she not only reads it, but reads it during our family devotionals. So, he wants one, so that he can participate as well.

Tyndale as a great series of bibles, geared to those who individuals who are, um, active in their bible reading. My daughter has the pink metal bible, had has had it for several years. It has survived long distance travel, drops, bangs, spills, sunlight, and 2 years of active childhood. Intact. These metal bibles are small enough for young children, and durable as well. The NLT inside is free of any devotional materials, or added study aids, just the text itself, a durable and wonderful translation meant to be read and understood by all ages.

My son, unlike his well poised father, is clumsy, much like his father. Just holding the bible, he is liable to drop it several times. And asking him to carry it around is asking for trouble, yet, the metal casing does the job well. Plus, with it being camouflaged, it is suddenly ‘cool.’ I can see this bible being used by my son as he grows up for a long time to come. Whether at home, camping, or even waiting for that prize-winning buck to walk within range.

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