A wonderful picture of getting the bible wrong…

Consistent, sure. Unless you read books such as Joshua (Genocide, woo-whoo!) and Ecclesiastes (There is no justice, wisdom doesn’t matter, so eat, drink and have lots of fund) and Job (God is a puppet-master). But, remember this post?

Anyway, so some took offense to it and created this image,

The Bible is VERY Consistent | The Resurgence.

So issues I have with the advertisement of the image –

Compare this to the 439 alleged contradictions

Alleged? Have you read the bible? Okay, so Doug Wilson takes an instance of a supposed contradiction and shows that it isn’t, but the point remains, that there are inconsistencies . The issue I have with all of this is that people have seemingly replaced Christ with the need for an infallible text. We see this as it takes shape in numerous ways, including KJVOism.

Anyway, it’s a busy day today, so I thought I’d share.

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5 Replies to “A wonderful picture of getting the bible wrong…”

  1. I LOVE how atheists can take what is spiritually discerned, especially the paradoxes of the bible and various accounts which were meant for varying audiences missiologically (in the NT for example across the varying readings of the New Testament), see the paradoxes,and label them contradictions. Moreover, that they usually take several presuppositions and approach the text with a two dimensional interpretation and force it to say things and bend in ways with was neither meant to say or bend.

    Their interpretation is utterly inflexible, narrow, and for a segment of the population that claims enlightenment, demonstrates ignorance. Moreso that some KJVO proponents, or Piper and Grudem.

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