I found this, via Logos, as part of my current dissertation work. You will note why, I believe.

A Roman copy of a Greek statue commemorating t...
A Roman copy of a Greek statue commemorating the victory over the Galatians called The Dying Gaul. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Omnipotentis Domini misericordiam depraecemur, ut acceptum referat divina dignatio quidquid altaribus suis infert humana sedulitas. Ratas faciat praeces et vota cunctorum; et quod devotio inpendit ad gratiam, poscentibus profeciat ad salutem. ad quem redi reviviscere ; quem nemo amittit, nisi errore deceptus ; nemo quaerit, nisi ratione commonitus ; nemo invenit, nisi corde conpunctu.

We entreat the mercy of almighty God, that the painstaking mortal attention brought to any of his altars may be made acceptable to the divine dignity. May He render acceptable every prayer and offering, that whatever devotion is exerted toward grace will succeed in its demands for salvation to You who are ready to give life again, whom no one loses unless deceived by error, whom no one seeks unless by the force of reason, to whom no one comes without a repentant heart.

Thanks to Tom for this!

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