A Total New Beginning… A reversal of the curse.

I posted a new article titled “Really …women can’t teach men – is in the Bible”

In it I made the  following statement about the two women who were the first to discover the empty tomb and meet the resurrected Jesus.

In fact this story must counteract what some believe Paul is later saying about Eve being the one who was deceived; for here we see the beginning of a new age where it is the women who are not deceived.

I believe this bears some serious theological reflection. Perhaps its already been done and if so – my apologies – I haven’t come across it as yet. In Genesis we are told it is the woman who is deceived by the serpent; its through the woman sin comes. Don’t read me wrong here. I actually do believe that it was both Adam and Eve who sinned. But popular modern  interpretation and traditional Jewish understanding – understood it to be this way. And in the telling of this story its often said how the woman didn’t believe God’s word.

For now we see that it is women who are the first to meet the risen Christ. And in doing so we – we see within the priority of this story, that the first to be redeemed by Christ are in fact women and it is women who are used to take the good news of Christ to the men…who at first don’t believe the word of God.

Don’t you just love the irony?

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8 Replies to “A Total New Beginning… A reversal of the curse.”

  1. Do you think that Paul made up his sayings as he went along? He never saw the miracles Yeshua preformed , He never met him….

    1. But he did meet, Christ, Deb, on the road to Damascus. Further, it is recording that Paul spoke to the Lord and the Lord spoke back to him. Plus, there is good evidence that Paul’s experience came within months of the crucifixion of Christ. Note as well, that Paul was a Pharisee, and would have know of Christ and more than likely had the chance to participate in the Trial of Christ.

    2. We don’t know that Paul never met Jesus, nor saw any of his miracles pre resurrection. Certainly he would have known about Jesus and the miracles he had purportedly done…as one of the brightest students of Gamial who was one of the more distinguished rabbis in town…

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