A Solution to Heresy? Orthopraxy

The second coolest Joel in the blogosphere (no, Osteen doesn’t count. Ever.) has a great series of posts dealing with heresy and the solutions to heresy, although some may contend that the idea of absolute orthodoxy is an imperial form of religious control and those any solution is only an opiate.

In one solution to heresy, Joel lists orthopraxy:

I think of the numerous “conservative” leaders who have been caught in scandals, generally involving some sort of sexual encounter. While such scandals are horrible, sadly enough such scandals should have been seen before they ever happened. What I mean is that such churches were so busy putting an emphasis on thinking rightly that they forgot to live rightly. When a pastor becomes arrogant in the truth it is only a matter of time before he begins to engage in the heresy of immorality (in fact, by being arrogant he has already engaged in such a heresy).

Read the rest here:

Combating Heresy – The Second Solution: Orthopraxy « The Christian Watershed.

I think of the words of the creeds –

We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of all things visible and invisible.

In Luke Johnson’s book, which I am happy to a part of a group discussing it, that when you actually buy into statements like this, it becomes a life, or should do so, lead in such a way as to recognize that God is the maker of all things, all people, everywhere. Anyway, read Joel’s post and series.

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