A schism to save Christianity from a “Protestant Pope?” #meme


I’d like to note that, for now, this seems to be a uniquely American call:

Other conservatives agree, pointing to Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, in which the upstart self-proclaimed Apostle Paul describes a meeting when he called out Peter—the first Pope—for hypocrisy. To his face and everything. According to Paul, Peter backed down. Now traditionalists want to use this as a precedent for calling out the Pope when he’s not Pope-y enough.

Read the rest here. It is a good read, quick, to the point.

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2 Replies to “A schism to save Christianity from a “Protestant Pope?” #meme”

  1. First, the Reformation split the Catholic Church. The next great divide may become known as the Stupification. Who knows, it might even give rise to conservative Catholics labeling less strident members as CINO (pronounced “see-no”) – Catholic in Name Only. After all, that strategy has worked wonders with the Republican Party!

    1. First the Reformation didn’t want to split the Catholic Church they wanted to reform it (clues in the name). They only split when papists excommunicated them for daring to suggest that papal infallibility doesn’t mean the pope can contradict scripture.

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