A Sample Review: NLT Parallel Study Bible Sampler

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Thanks to Adam for this Sampler. The entire bible is due on August 1.

As a fan of the NLT and more, the NLT Study Bible, I was interested to note that Tyndale will now produce the NLT Study Bible’s notes along side the notes of the Life Application series. I find that while the NLT Study Bible’s notes are more conservative than something like the New Oxford Annotated Bible, they are still filled with integrity. For example look at the notes for Genesis 1.26 and Isaiah 7.14. When you can be honest about these verses, I find that the rest of the study notes are to be respected as well. The Life Application series has been around for a little while and is attached to various translations. This system of notes is meant for a more broadly based daily use with the goal of helping the Christian to apply Scriptural teachings to their own lives.

So what’s the reason you should but this bible and there by replace both your already purchased Study Bible and Life Application Bible? For starters, there is the parallel feature. The translation is single column, at the top of the page. Below the ‘fold’, in parallel columns, the editors have placed the notes attached to each bible. Instead of taking two bibles, or rather, having to chose between the two, you can now enjoy both of them at the same time. You can fill up your scholastic need as well as your devotional need!

The sampler only includes Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, so the features may change.

One of these features are short studies on the book of Romans. Seven, actually. They cover a variety of theological topics which are meant for small groups or individuals. There are not overly in depth, but these studies will get you more than familiar with the particular book and some of the current theological thinking regarding them.

The problem with bibles like these is the question, “Do I really need another one?” I think that some of us live in a false dichotomy that critical studies (even of the evangelical variety) must be separated from devotional or theological living. A bible like this helps to show that the separation isn’t that wide and can be somewhat welded together. For those who like their devotional readings mixed with conservative critical studies, I think that the answer to the above question is “Yes, you do need this bible.” Plus, it gives you a reason to remark your bible up (shivers) and cross reference between study and life.

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