A review for From Fear to Faith

A review for From Fear to Faith:

This anthology of intelligent and poignant stories carries an incredible wallop! As I read page after page at lightening speed, I realized that I was seeing myself in all these stories. The great and gentle-thinking Evangelical, John Stott, said that the difference between a Fundamentalist and an Evangelical was that a Fundamentalist saw scripture through the mind while the Evangelical saw it through the mind AND THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT. In fact, the only way to look at Scripture, said John Stott, was through the aid of the Spirit.

I thought I was alone in the cruelty and inhumaness that I experienced through my experiences with a Fundamentalist ministry in Indiana. That is why I found this book so transformative! Through this exceptional book, lovingly and mindfully edited and collated, I understood for the first time that one can live a full and rich life through Jesus without being so retrained by the authority of a particular interpretation.

The book liberated me. I feel free to love Jesus as He would have me love Him. In fact, my faith in Jesus has been affirmed and, in part, restored in reading FROM FEAR TO FAITH.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with issues of Scripture Interpretation! It truly is a MUST READ!

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  1. There’s some good stuff in this book but it screams out for a copy editor to fix all the many typos, grammar errors and clumsy phrasing.

    1. Thanks… er…

      Many of the typos were fixed for the Kindle and will find its way back into print soon. We decided to leave some grammar and phrasing due to trying to portray some of the rawness of the authors.

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