A Raspberry seed or something maybe

I maintain that when you actually read the Scripture, I mean actually read the Scripture – dig in, get under the pages, and really read it – Scripture becomes a lot more interesting. Obviously Mitchell is doing that. First, from a while ago, here. And now?

Now Mitchell is actually reading the text and grappling with it – and maintaining his faith in Scripture.

If you applied the same amount of literalism to Genesis 2 – the second creation story – as many do to Genesis 1, then you will by necessity create contradictions. Yet, if you read it as you should, Genesis 1 becomes clear through Genesis 2 and there is no real contradictions.

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3 Replies to “A Raspberry seed or something maybe”

  1. I like your general point, but how can a completely contradictory follow-up story make the original story clearer? That logic doesn’t jibe, man…

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