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Creative artistry can subtly guide or suddenly jolt us into recognizing the splendor in the mundane. “Normal” may not actually be dull. Maybe we are just dulled, dulled in the capacity to discern the extraordinary in the ordinary….

via A Russian formalist on what art does for us… « Hopeful Realism.

Got me to thinking about how I want to approach my exegesis of the Gospel according to St. Mark. I don’t think that Mark is mundane, or rather I no longer think… I don’t want to see it as normal, or some how deficient in comparison to Matthew or Luke. Mark has a story to tell which is every bit as important as the other Evangelists.

How do you approach Mark? Is it just the cast aside? The boring Gospel? Is it so ordinary that you automatically turn to John?

I think Mark has a creative tale to tell and I intend to focus on it.

Oh, and Andrew, the blogger up yonder, has a book coming out which may or may not make him the Bultmann of our generation…

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