A question about biblical/human sexuality

Reading about this is what first made me step back and begin to examine human sexuality and Scripture.

What isn’t obvious is that I have a rare condition called androgen insensitivity syndrome, or AIS. I was born with XY chromosomes, the combination found in boys. With AIS, an XY embryo doesn’t respond to the crucial hormones that tell the penis and scrotum to form. At the earliest stage of life, my body missed those signals, and I developed as a girl, with a clitoris and vulva. But what’s inside me doesn’t match

Woman with AIS Disease – Women Has X and Y Chromosomes – Marie Claire.

As you read, you’ll note she had testes and an, um, pouch. Well, you’ll see.

Now, for a serious question. This is not covered in Scripture (and some would argue homosexuality is not either) so what do we do? And, if this is the case – as has been revealed by modern medical science, what then do we say about the nature of homosexuality? Since this is an argument some use – against nature, or unnatural – what if it is a natural formation in the species? What then? Is the part of the person the defining characteristic of the whole of the person? In other words, if said part of a person is by nature useful for only one thing, but the nature of the full person is assigned to something else, what then?

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