A Picture of my Church, from my mind

My wife and I were talking last night about about our local church and how much we are enjoying it. The word I used to describe it was “organic.” The picture I would use to describe Christ Church United Methodist is a sunflower:


Christ Church has a lot of small groups going on. From youth, to men’s discussion groups, to youth groups, and the such. Then, there are the United Methodist Women circles. There are the congregational members who do not participate in anything except for Sunday morning. There are the ushers. Staff. And others.

But, they are all interdependent and much like the sunflower pictured above, formed into interconnecting patterns.

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6 Replies to “A Picture of my Church, from my mind”

  1. You nicked my image. Fruiterian pacifist green radical anarcho commie hippie completely organic – the sunflower. Thief!! 🙂

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