A picture from Gettysburg

This monument struck me today. I considered for a while.


The perceptions of the Masonic brotherhood is a collection of a myth oftentimes. This is a rather famous moment, though.

Got me to thinking.

Can the church ever reunite, or does it have to wait until people or dying… Can union prevail? What about John 17?

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5 Replies to “A picture from Gettysburg”

  1. We all become Catholics (or Orthodox, or Presbyterians) — then there’s no more ecclesial division. Simple really.

  2. If I can be a part of a group/denomination that I considered damned to Hell, then there is hope we can all come together.

    1. What denomination is that? I use to think that Catholics were not Christians. I’m not a Catholic, but I now realize how silly my thoughts were about so many denominations. Now as long as someone can say “Jesus is Lord” I can worship with him or her.

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