A new blog – Voice from the Holler @jasonevickers

This is not Jason Vickers. This is John Wesley. 

Dr. Jason Vickers, president of the Wesley Theological Society and professor at United Theological Seminary, has a new blog:

Voice from the Holler.

I don’t agree with Vickers on everything – it is easier to list the things we agree on than the myriad of things we do not, no doubt. For one, I wouldn’t listen to Hank Williams, Jr. to save my life, but he has a post up about theology in the biggest traitor to the working man in a long while.

Another thing — and this may be the biggest. Vickers uses blogspot. Why on earth would someone who is setting up a new blog go with that? It’s like a new driver who can choose between a new porsche and an old pinto going instead with a tricycle. It’s not too late for him… But getting close. Go with wordpress.

But, without the snark, let me recommend his blog along with Dean Watson’s blog as well. Again, on blogspot. Academics must blog, people. Students should blog.

I look forward to continuously debating Dr. Vickers on matters such as holiness, the place of Mary in United Methodist Doctrine, and perhaps even bringing up purgatory along the way.

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