A Message for #GC2012

This is from ]], our pastor of parish life at Christ Church. She posted it this morning on FB, and I thought I’d share (with her permission, of course),

I’ve been trolling the Internet this morning and feel the need to remind folks that the people at General Conference are working hard. Their task is not an easy one. They cannot make us all happy. They have to vote according to their own conscience and feeling of the Spirit. One of the truths that drew me to the UMC is found in our BOD…..disagreeing does not break the bond of unity found in Jesus Christ. That’s a scriptural truth. It hurts my heart to see what some have posted/blogged/tweeted as it seems as if they would break this most holy of bonds over issues that cannot, due to their nature, have one simple answer or one simple truth. Change is not meant to be easy. Anything worth doing is hard. Our job is to pray,pray, love each other, and rise to the challenge. I believe in the Church Universal because it is God’s Church and God is in the midst of it. I believe in my colleagues and their ability to work together, even if it doesn’t seem like it now. I believe in our bishops and their ability to lead us. I believe that God is in the midst of all our conferencing. I believe in our ability to be kind, love each other, and show the world that the UMC seeks diligently to do what is right and good in God’s name. “They will know we are Christians by our love,” is the song that came to my mind yesterday. We can disagree and still love and respect each other. Just because we believe we are right does not necessarily make the other person wrong. It just means we disagree and that is good. Growth cannot happen if we are all the same. Ministry cannot happen if we are all the same. Let us pray for each other and set the example of showing love in the midst of conflict.

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