a Harvard PhD does not prevent you from being a criminal

Golb has one defender left…

In the emails, the fictional Schiffman admitted to having plagiarized the work of Norman Golb, professor at the University of Chicago’s prestigious Oriental Institute, Dead Sea Scrollsscholar—and also Raphael’s father. “It is true that I should have cited Dr. Golb’s articles when using his arguments,” the email reads, “and it is true that I misrepresented his ideas. But this is simply the politics of Dead Sea Scrolls studies. If I had given credit to this man I would have been banned from conferences around the world.” It was signed—by some accounts, implausibly—“Lawrence Schiffman, professor,” with a lower-case “p.” (here)

The author, Batya Ungar-Sargon, goes on to ridicule Dr. Lawrence Schiffman and even to suggest the Judge was incompetent,  perhaps negligent.

Ungar-Sargon does get something wrong, unless I am mistaking the reporter’s words when he says Pliny is the source of our information on the Essenes. The first Jewish author to mention this group was Josephus.

Anyway… for a better, more realistic truth… here.

Golb is guilty.

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