A good Saturday, a better Sunday

We are tired, my family and I. We were traveling the southern part of the State all day yesterday, which if you know anything about West Virginia, you realize that 200 miles can take you all day and then some. Of course we had a more specific purpose than site seeing; however, it was still beautiful to see the falling leaving, the different colors – God’s creation in cycle. You will never get me to believe that the natural beauty of this State has happened by chance or mutation.

And it got me to thinking about God’s unseen hand. First, let me say that I am nothing special – not some peg that holds the Plan together, not destined for something – but if I look back, I can see God’s unseen hand moving me, lifting me up, keeping me for where I am. I am sure it is the same for each of you, if you will look.

I can see some of the decisions that I made that have allowed me to be led here, and I thank God for that. I am right where I need to be – and want to be.

This week, I will post for a bit more on Tertullian. His words are biting, and his thoughts deep and sure at this point. I will, upon completion of ‘On Modesty’, move to his ‘Against Praxaes’ and see if I can save his soul!

Other wise, I still have topics to post on that I have been pondering lately. Also, I am preparing an open letter to Christians (air quote worthy or otherwise) concerning their conduct in smearing their neighbor with lies.

Today is my rest day. After this post, I will eat my grits (if you aren’t from the South, well you are missing out on a lot more than grits!) we will get ready and head off to church. We might be a bit late this morning, having slept in by 30 minutes.

I know that it will refresh my soul for my eyes will be on the Lord. I will hear the music, but sing to God. I will hear the minister, by listen to God. I will read the scriptures, but the Lord will reveal. I will offer prayer and pray for others. I will be an individual, but a member of the Church. It will not be I, us us.

Well, see you tomorrow.

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