A Doctor Who Anthropological Atonement Theory Meme

Whatever you are, this planet, these people are precious to me. And I will defend them to my last breath.


So. Here you are, depositing slug pellets all over the earth. Made attractive, so humans will collect them, hoping to find something beautiful inside. Because that’s what they are. Not pests or plague, creatures of hope. Forever building and reaching. Making mistakes of course. Every life form does. But. But— they learn. And they strive for greater and they achieve it. You want a tally. Put their achievements against their failings, through the whole of time. I will back humanity against the Shakri every time.

So… if Dr. Who presented an atonement theory what would it look like?

He does have a tendency to believe in the essential goodness of humankind. He values them in such as way as to never leave us alone. Why? I don’t know, but these two quotes, from this Season’s “Power of Three” episode showcase the Doctor’s view of humans.

I kind of think of the Doctor as being more like Abelard. SOme moral influence, maybe… you know, care for them, offer them yourself, and see if they will follow.


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