A Deal With The Devil

From time to time I get angry about a thing. When I do, it usually comes out here. Today I am mad. Not annoyed at a situation mad, or bothered by people mad, I am talking table flipping, three cord braiding, righteously mad. The funny thing is that it is at an apparently growing, or at least vocal, number of Christians. So, as in other times, this won’t be terribly well written. It is more like a rant that needs to get of my chest so I do not continue fuming. It may be a touch incoherent even, but is is honest righteous anger for whatever that is worth. Read on at your own risk.
Let me start with a very blunt statement. God does not, nor has He ever, put America first. God, our loving Father and creator, has put His entire creation first. That’s us folks. If you, as a Christian, put America first, then you have become an idolater. God is first. Always. If He is not, it is idolatry. No nice way to say it. To put this into the perspective of the current hot button topics, God does not see thousands of unarmed, suffering, scared, and victimized people coming to somehow invade the deadliest military power on Earth, He sees human brokenness, suffering, and tragedy. No matter what you think about immigration policy in this country, that is what you should see too. I don’t care if you want a wall, or if you want open boarders, or if you are, like most everyone, somewhere in between, if you see anything other than the human brokenness, suffering, and tragedy, then you are not seeing with Heaven’s eyes, but you are likely seeing through the eyes of The Adversary, and that brothers and sisters is a dangerous place to be. If you can watch the news reports on whatever your favorite flavor of politically motivated “news”, and see anything other than human suffering, then you are not seeing this in a Godly way. If you look at this large group of people and only see the hand of George Soros and/or middle eastern terrorists sneaking into the country, then those are not heaven’s eyes either. (By the way, there is no evidence of either of these things.) If you look at this human tragedy and see something that has to do with Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, The Green Party, or any other political group, then God is not first and foremost, nation is. That is a massive problem for those who would call themselves Christian.
There are those who call themselves “nationalists”. That has gotten an unfair characterization as being racially motivated, and that is most often not the case. For the sake of clarity, I will use “nationalist” as defined by Merriam-Webster. “ loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or groups”. This shall be our working definition. For those of you who call yourselves nationalists, I want to be clear here, I too am a nationalist. I guess I should likely coin a word here and rather than identify as a nationalist, identify as a “kingdomalist”. I do freely exalt one kingdom above all others and place my primary emphasis on the promotion of it’s interests as opposed to those of others. The Kingdom is the only kingdom that matters, the Kingdom of God. It has come, it is here, and it will come in fullness. Just so we are clear, it won’t be waving the red, white, and blue. It has one color, the red blood of Christ on the cross, and it was shed for everyone, including the migrant caravan. If your nationalism has you thinking in any way other than this, then you are doing it wrong. Be a kingdomalist. It’s clunky to say, but it at least is accurate to the faith that we all claim. You do not advance The Kingdom by making America Great Again. You don’t advance the Kingdom by failing to see those suffering as anything other than result of human brokenness and in desperate need of mercy and compassion. If anything, you hinder it. 
If you think that sending the US Military to the boarder to confront those attempting to come here, then there are a couple of problems. The first is that you apparently have not heard of The Posse Comitatus Act. You should look it up. A group of a few thousand unarmed civilians does not an invasion make, no matter how fiery the rhetoric, so it applies. The second problem is that you somehow think that it is appropriate to use the US Military, the deadliest fighting force on the Earth, to confront a group of unarmed civilians. What is wrong with you? Has adherence to the cult of Americanna become so strong that you would protect it with the threat of military force to those who are unarmed and seeking a better life? If the question is what would Jesus do, the answer is never going to be send the army to confront unarmed, desperate civilians. Never. Once more, just so there is no doubt, NEVER.
No doubt by now some of you have read this as some sort of political statement. That is unfortunate, but in this climate unavoidable I imagine. It is not. This has nothing to do with the politics of America. Nothing. This has everything to do with how a large group of Christians is viewing those who are in desperate need. I am not saying that the migrant caravan should be let in. I am not saying they should be turned away. I am not saying anything other than that there is a refusal of a large group of Christians to see them as even human. When you have prominent Christians, such as former Southern Baptist pastor Mike Huckabee calling the group of people an invasion (“America is great because immigrants helped make it great but what’s brewing at the border is NOT immigration-its an invasion! @realDonaldTrump cannot allow people to overrun the borders,” in a tweet), you can see that whatever sense of God he has, it is blinded by unhealthy and misplaced loyalty to some type of nationalist ideal. All he can see is an imaginary invasion instead of seeing the massive amount of human suffering. Not the eyes of God, and instead the eyes of The Adversary. There are others of course who have said similar things. I am highlighting on one person to demonstrate the thoughts of many. These are people. Desperate, scared, and hurting people. Whatever you think the policy response should be, that must be the first thought that you have. It must. Any response that a Christian can, in good conscience, support, has to begin with the reality that these are people. Not an invading army. Not some mass of refuse to be swept away by the impending hurricane, (read twitter at your own risk of losing all faith in humanity), but people. I do not care about your politics. Whatever they are, you are welcome to them, but if your politics come before your ability to see the suffering of human beings, then the state is your god and not the Creator God.
At the end of this is a very simple truth. If nation is above God, you made a deal with the Devil. If you can not see people before you see policy, you have made a deal with the Devil. If you believe that armed soldiers would be used against unarmed civilians, you have made a deal with the devil. If you think that a few bad actors means that thousands should be treated as criminals, you have made a deal with the devil. If you can not see human suffering, desperation, and tragedy before you rant on about the law, then you have made a deal with the devil. All I can say to you if this describes you, is God save us from the Christians.
Father in heaven, we pray mercy upon all those in dire situations. Where there is violence, we ask that you raise up mighty men and women of God to bring peace, where there is need, we pray your supernatural provision, where there is desperation, we pray that the Holy Spirit shines the hope of Christ brightly. For those who are desperate and traveling Lord, we pray for mercy and protection that they might not be preyed on by those seeking to take advantage. We ask your forgiveness for the many times that we fail to see Your people as what they are, beloved creations of You possessing your image just as we do. And Father, for those in this caravan, we pray that wisdom and mercy prevail and that in this time. Finally God, we pray that until Your heart becomes ours, and that until we can see through Your eyes, that your protect the most vulnerable from the Christians that can not see them yet. Amen, and amen.

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  1. Well said, Scott. Having read many of your other posts I thought I’d ask if you have ever read Anarchy and Christianity by Jacques Ellul?

  2. At @UndergroundSem I just twote: Learn the lessons of the Chinese underground church – Watchman Nee – Against The Tide by Angus Kinnear, read by Raymond Todd bit.ly/2PkA2sU #cybermissiology || Many in the US are familiar with Bonhoeffer; in my mind, fewer are familiar in how the Holy Spirit moved within the Chinese church at the beginning of the previous century.

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