A conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness

Something to get you started this week,


I just can’t get past the whole ‘Jesus is just a man’ thing.


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12 Replies to “A conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness”

  1. I came to faith via the JW’s. God can use a crooked stick to draw a straight line thankfully, which is just as well, because most of Christendom is busy hiding in church buildings….

  2. That was an interesting video, I was doing door to door outreach and came to a Jehovah’s witness house and was politely informed that they did not allow solicitors at their house.

  3. This is more Witness bashing smoke and mirrors. Why are the two Great Crowds the same. There can’t be two (or more) great crowds. There are millions of angles, are there not, This can’t be a great crowd? Jesus tells us at Matt. 5:5 that the meek will inherit The Earth and that The Great Crowd comes through The Great Tribulation that happens on The Earth, not in Heaven.

    To answer the question about interpretation, The Bible interpets itself and is the final authority, not The WTB&TS. 2 Peter 1:20, 21″  For you know this first, that no prophecy of Scripture springs from any private interpretation. For prophecy was at no time brought by man’s will, but men spoke from God as they were borne along by holy spirit.” The Society EXPLAINS scripture.

    Were those two the same person???

    Instead of The Marrage of Figaro, they should be more concerned with The Marrage of the Lamb.

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