A Book, besides Ecclesiastes, for us Cynics – IVP, Faith Without Illusions

Cynicism has become almost a cliché. It pervades the culture and defines the age–and threatens to derail faith. Andrew Byers identifies the primary factors in the church that inspire disillusionment rather than faith, but he goes beyond that to help struggling cynics channel their frustrations into the redemptive vocations found in the Bible: the prophet, the sage, the tragic poet. These all find their fulfillment in Jesus, and he in turn inspires cynics from the apostle Paul to you and me to embrace our saintly calling–hopeful realism.

IVP – Faith Without Illusions.

After coming out of the closest as a Cynic, I have welcomed the label and prefer it to skeptic. I think that I need this book, as sometimes, disillusionment is all that I have. We’ll see.

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2 Replies to “A Book, besides Ecclesiastes, for us Cynics – IVP, Faith Without Illusions”

  1. Hey there! This is Andrew, author of Faith Without Illusions… my wife found this post, for which I am thankful. Cynicism has been quite a struggle for me as well, a struggle out of which the book grew. If you want to know more about the book, let me know!

    So… you were at SBL, right? I follow a handful of bibliobloggers and wondered about attending that session.


    1. Andrew!

      I for one, and a few more that I know, cannot wait to read your book. I am struggling with being a cynic, and if you have read me for long then you might get the picture of why. Please, feel free to email me a (no spaces) j w a t t s (at) s u d d e n l i n k (dot) n e t

      I was at SBL and at the Biblioblogger session. I’ll be posting more on that later, and on the community which is being engendered because of it.

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