A book announcement for you parents out there #parenting

I know Ric — he is a contributor to a volume I am co-editing from Energion — and he has been my counselor for a few years. So, go and buy the book.

What a concept! A book on parenting that actually inspires and guides you in spending productive time with your child. And it’s easy—even fun—to read. In conversational style, the author presents the basic six dimensions of parental responsibility that he discovered from clinical research over twenty years ago. But the presentation is anything but academic. Each of the 30 brief “thoughts” ends with at least one “Step to Take” with your child. Scattered throughout are “Grace Alerts,” ideas intended to relieve some of the pressure parents too often feel. You will also hear from the author’s wife and children as they chime in occasionally with their personal reflections. And now, this second edition includes a section that guides those of you who are grandparents in how you can apply the basic dimensions. The appendices present various comparisons of the six dimensions, including the scriptural basis for each one.

The six things? Here’s the thumbnail view:

  • Provision: Providing for everyday, essential needs of survival
  • Education: Helping your children learn
  • Emotional Support: Letting your kids know you’ve got their back, showing them how to handle emotions correctly
  • Governance: Establishing and enforcing boundaries, growing self-discipline
  • Appreciation: Feeling and speaking gratitude with and for your kids
  • Unconditional Affiliation: Sticking it out — no matter what

Go, buy the book — please.

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4 Replies to “A book announcement for you parents out there #parenting”

  1. The 7th, do not buy a 22 cal rifle for a 5 year old. And if the parent, don’t leave the kid alone with it, even for a second…for moron parents, even if living in the sticks. Should be an obvious concept. Except I hear some authorities try to justify it as a life style.

  2. Actually, I was pro-gun in my early years. Bought a 410 ga shotgun for my 12 year old son. Note, 12 year old. And kept it locked in a gun safe except when supervising him. So I’d say yes, the parents are morons. They should be prosecuted for child neglect. And NO authority can justify a 5 year old with a gun as a tradition. They better change the tradition, or go to jail.

    1. I never owned a firearm until I was in military service. It was so long ago that, while in the not always friendly tropical climes of the time, I purchased a fresh from the factory man-stopping magnum through the military for less than what some folks pay for a tank of gasoline these days! It proved to be much more reliable that the antiquated paper weights that Uncle Sam was issuing as sidearms at the time.
      I am not so much “pro-gun” as I am opposed to unworkable prohibitions that have much in common with locking the barn door after the horse is stolen. In a nation of at least 300 million people and over 200 million firearms, efforts at controlling firearm proliferation will prove to be just about as effective as the failed public policy known as the war on drugs.
      Another thing I’ve learned is that the older I get, the less able I am to physically handle some of the more antisocial members of the younger generation. While I can still flatten a 100 pound punching bag on one side, I know I’m not nearly as strong or as fast as I was a few decades ago. A firearm is rapidly becoming the only self-defense alternative available to me that does not require my grappling with an assailant.
      To be sure, there are incompetent, even bad, parents out there. Neither parents nor children come with guarantees. The interaction of parent and child often proves to be a learning experience for both parent and child. Yet, despite numerous flaws in parenting, children raised by both biological parents tend to turn out better than the alternatives.

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