A 단세포 does not need our attention

This weekend gave me a moment to pause to consider the credence we people with reason give the brutish beasts of the blogosphere such as mythicists, 단세포, and other trolls when we engage them. Then, P. Kirk puts this on my Facebook wall, as if a sign from God:


The 순진빵 do not deserve our interactions, but our avoidance. Not because we are afraid of their opinions, but because more often then not, they are 양아치 with little hope for any useful dialogue. By giving them dialogue, we encourage them, and allow them to pretend to be our equal — their opinions equal to our evidenced facts. Maybe they are just a 형광등, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. They do not seek to learn, only to bloviate.

God have mercy on their souls, but for me, I have no need to waste my time with such a 멍청이. I would encourage you to ban them from your blogs and to refuse to engage them in any meaningful way, because in the end, they will only (if they are able) drag your reputation down to their level, which is that just below hog’s wallow.

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5 Replies to “A 단세포 does not need our attention”

    1. and in case anyone needs to know who I am directing this against, it is TT, the one who steals doctorates and can’t given honor where honor is due.

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