6000 year old maps of layered universe

It is likely some of the most widespread and oldest art in the United States. Pieces of rock art dot the Appalachian Mountains, and research by University of Tennessee, Knoxville, anthropology professor Jan Simek finds each engraving or drawing is strategically placed to reveal a cosmological puzzle.


“Our findings provide a window into what Native American societies were like beginning more than 6,000 years ago,” said Simek. “They tell us that the prehistoric peoples in the Cumberland Plateau, a section of the Appalachian Mountains, used the rather distinctive upland environment to map their conceptual universe onto the natural world in which they lived.”

via University of Tennessee professor finds prehistoric rock art connected; maps cosmological belief.

Of course, these were native savages, just savages…

Before the YEC gets all hot and bothered, think about what it would take for such anthropological processes to begin… We are told that there was one true religion for the longest time, until Noah. And yet… here is what we would call pagans. And pages that survived the supposed world-wide flood.

Anyway, would love to see some of the reports.

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2 Replies to “6000 year old maps of layered universe”

  1. We have a lot, lot, lot of rock art around the same age here in Ireland. New bits are being found all the time. It can range generally from simple cup shaped marks to elaborate spiral and geometric shapes from the same Neolithic period. It’s interesting that some elaborate rock art can be found in random places in the countryside but they are usually associated with megalithic tombs (Newgrange, Loughcrew etc) and it normally follows that they are something to do with their religion at that time. A lot of these tombs are aligned to receive either the sunrise or sunset of yesterdays solstice (also Dec 21st, Mar 21st, Sep 21st and a few Oct 31st in early Halloween/Samhain rites). This tradition of rock art continued with the arrival of Celtic culture (there’s still huge debate as to whether it was an military invasion or rather a cultural invasion – I favour the latter) and into the Christian period which eventually developed into the High Cross tradition in Ireland. As you know Christianity has a long history of appropriation in its development and here in Ireland that happened with rock art. A good example would be a large rock in County Offaly which bears many pre-Christian and Christian symbols and it looks like while Christianity was spreading in Ireland it was used by both religions. Here’s a link: http://www.thestandingstone.ie/2011/01/clonfinlough-stone-rock-art-co-offaly.html (my own website). There are other examples of rocks with pre-Christian symbols on them that became part of Christian Holy Wells…but that’s another long discussion. Anyway, I don’t really have much of a point – I just love rock art…

  2. It’s a shame the people of Appalachia haven’t moved on in 6000 years. They are still hunter gatherers, getting most of their protein from wild animals shot with bow and arrow. And most of them (not you, of course, Joel!) don’t even believe the world is as old as this rock art is.

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