Protestant Double Talk?

DOUBLE TALK? Reason with me for a second:

We Protestants, giving honor to our name protest against relics, the preservation of statues and statuettes (the statues wives), shrines, or anything that remotely resembles idolatry or the glorification of men. Why then are we so outraged, enraged, fuming furious, about the destruction of… relics statues, statuettes (again, the statues wives) and shrines perpetrated by I.S.I.S in Iraq?   This Calvinist believes in preserving history, but how can we preserve relics, and historical monuments without crossing the line of idolatry? Calvin also said this in relation to the same issue: “Everyone of us is, from his mother’s womb, a master craftsman of idols!”

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2 Replies to “Protestant Double Talk?”

  1. Maybe the Protestant iconoclasts were wrong too? And do 21st-century Protestants still get angry about statues and relics? I certainly don’t.

  2. If everything and anything can be an idol, what’s left?

    I don’t suppose any of those Muslims who are busy destroying Buddhist statues and monuments have given much thought as to how they might react to see any of their holy places destroyed?

    Or that Catholics have given much thought to the heaps of Orthodox icons their ancestors destroyed in Byzantium when returning from one of the crusades?

    Or that Catholics have thought much about all the artwork from the ancient world their ancestors destroyed after Constantine and other Christians became Emperor of Rome? Or how Catholics would feel today if some modern day pagans began destroying all the art and churches inside the Vatican?

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