5 Version Readability Study

David writes,

I am going to do a readability study of 5 versions using the first nine verses of Mark 10. The five versions are the New International Version, the New Living Translation, the Message, the New American Standard Version, and the English Standard Version. I chose this passage because it appeared today in my daily NRSV bible reading email. I am not going to be engaging in textual-critical matters except where I must, but I will be concerned with accuracy as well, relying on formal translations (NASB/NKJV/NET) primarily to determine this.

He also makes the point:

The point being, if you are intending to read as opposed to studying, you will either be slowed down or given the illusion that you get it when you don’t. And that means less opportunity to reflect on the truths of the Bible and more time spent picking through words or just plain being wrong until you realize your mistake.

You can find day 1 here, day 2, day 3 as well.

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