4th Century Renderings of John and Andrew found in Italy

On of my favorite search terms is ‘photos of the Apostle Paul’. Kodak is old, but not that old. Now we have more pictures of other Apostles. Yes, there were more than just Peter and Paul.

Archaeologists exploring a Christian catacomb under a residential Roman street have unearthed the earliest known images of the apostles Andrew and John.

Using a newly developed laser to burn away centuries of calcium deposits without damaging the paintings beneath, the team found the late 4th-century images in the richly decorated tomb of a Roman noblewoman.

“John’s young face is familiar, but this is the most youthful portrayal of Andrew ever seen, very different from the old man with grey hair and wrinkles we know from medieval painting,” said project leader Barbara Mazzei.

Apostle images from 4th centry found under street in Italy | Science | The Guardian.

(ht Janelle Peters via Twitter.)

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2 Replies to “4th Century Renderings of John and Andrew found in Italy”

  1. so this is really saying that “religion” from the very begining has been screwed up? very interesting,,, I would love to finish reading this book…

  2. I'm not sure I would say that, Deb, only in that people viewed things differently, that's for sure, back then. It wasn't what we would think of as worshiping or praying to images, but a way of story telling. (I think)

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