4th Century Church Found on site of Jewish Temple at Shiloh

One of the oldest churches ever to be excavated in Israel was recently discovered at the archaeological site of Tel Shiloh, where the temporary Jewish Temple once stood, in Samaria.

via Nearly 1,700-year-old Church found in Shiloh, Israel –.

I would suppose a theological underpinning for the choice of this church rather than a unique coincidence.

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2 Replies to “4th Century Church Found on site of Jewish Temple at Shiloh”

  1. Interesting. But “in Samaria” is confusing here. This is not a reference to the biblical city of Samaria, but to the territory known to modern Israelis as Samaria, and more generally as the northern part of the West Bank section of Palestine. Nor is the site anything to do with the Samaritan temple on Mount Gerizim. The location in question is the presumed site of the biblical Shiloh, about 20 miles north of Jerusalem, not Gerizim 10 miles further north or the site of the city of Samaria another 10 miles north. There was never a “temporary Jewish Temple” at Shiloh, unless the tabernacle can be described as such.

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