3 Fatal Flaws of Ayn Rand (Only Three?)

Of course, thanks to the Theory of Motivated Reasoning, all of this will be wiped away just like May 22, when all the loons wonder why they were not raptured…

The first error is the assertion that we humans, at least the best of us, are autonomous individuals who have no need for other human beings other than as useful tools. The second error is to perpetuate the libertarian idea that no social goal justifies “forcing” an individual to be a resource for others. In other words, taxation is theft from “producers” to benefit “parasites.” The third error is that markets are “free” in the sense of operating best without any rules or regulation.

via 3 Fatal Flaws in Ayn Rand’s Perverse ‘Moral Philosophy’ | News & Politics | AlterNet.

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One Reply to “3 Fatal Flaws of Ayn Rand (Only Three?)”

  1. I’ve successfully avoided reading Ayn Rand, despite relatives’ urging to do so, but if individuals shouldn’t be forced to be resources for others I might have a reason to shame my kids into supporting me in my crotchety old age.

    I will also confess to wondering aloud why humans couldn’t reproduce like, oh, say . . . trout. Lay those eggs and then skedaddle.

    Or, perhaps I could just look across the breakfast table at my teens who still keep wanting me to drive them to school and say, “Ayn Rand thinks you are PARASITES.”

    former stay-at-home mom who thinks 40 weeks of pregnancy should be considered TEN months, non?

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