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As a way to celebrate the release of Dr. McGrath’s book on Kindle, I’ll give away three copies, for free… leave a comment:

How do historians study the life and death of Jesus, and why does their work matter to believers today? In this fascinating and accessible guide, Dr. James F. McGrath helps us make sense of the relationship between history and faith. He explains:
– how historical study works
– why historians explore possibilities that religious believers find shocking
– why Jesus’ disciples would have wanted to steal his body
– why later gospel writers changed earlier versions
– why Christian faith in the resurrection is not about what happened to a body almost 2,000 years ago.

Read “The Burial of Jesus” and find out why history matters to faith and how today’s historical scholarship is working on the faith of millions of believers today.

“In this valuable contribution to the body of serious biblical scholarship written for a lay audience, James McGrath does a particularly admirable job of distinguishing faith’s and history’s proper spheres while making the case for a confident faith that takes the claims of historical and scientific research seriously rather than as a threat to faith.”

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21 Replies to “3 Copies of James McGrath’s “The Burial of Jesus” – For Free!”

  1. Faith in a God that is “near”, like Paul said is more important than worrying about controversies regarding the disposition of Jesus’ body 2000 years ago… however, it is important to consider that issue. Faith in the resurrected Jesus is different than historically “proving” the resurrection.

  2. Commenting for a chance to win one. (Is this an actual book-book or an ebook? I’d prefer the former cuz I’m old skool like dat.)

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