2nd #painting, including the actual model… so, be gentle #art

I wanted to do something different with my second painting. Remember, I am not claiming to be a professional, or to know what I am doing – shoot, I don’t even claim to have actual talent. But, it is relaxing and the helps with the writing process (thus far, I mean. I don’t know what’ll it take next week).

This is an attempt at painting Elkins, West Virginia as seen between two mountains (I don’t care what Colorado has, we have real mountains) offer of Hwy 33.

I couldn’t do the buildings because I am, as I stated above, not that talented.

Elkins, WV
I love the scenery traveling throughout WV. This is one of my favorite shots
Elkins painting, 1
I knew what I wanted to do so I started with the sky. No, no Lucy. Or diamonds.
elkins painting 2
the mountains were a fortunate accident. heck, everything I like about this is an accident.
elkins painting 3
sorry for the filter, but the room I have it is is dark with yellow walls. I wanted to highlight the brush strokes – something I rather like. and hate. but like, mostly.
elkins painting 4
here it is.

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