28 Weeks – Baby update!

This pregnancy, overall, is going wonderfully! We are both enjoying it and we’ve made it so far! I’m starting to get rather hormonal this week, but it has been a pretty rough week. I’m ready to meet Sophia Camille!

At 28 weeks little Sophia is about 14-15 inches long and about two and half pounds! She kicks a TON and our daughter LOVES it. She can’t wait to be a big sister again. Our son, well he’s pretty indiffernet about the whole thing.  By now at 28 weeks her brain has started to mature and form grooves that we commonly associate with a human brain. She may also be growing long hair (I’m hoping for curly and red!) and starting to sprout eylashes.

I had labwork yesterday, glucose testing for gestational diabetes. I’m certain that will all come back just fine. I also had to get the RhoGam shot. You can read about that ordeal at my blog, Grammar of Life.

We’re starting to buy nursery items which is always exciting. Now to get the actual nursery ready….

Anxiously Waiting,


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