United Methodist Church

#UMC Bishops issue statement calling for Unity

As bishops of The United Methodist Church, our hearts break because of the divisions that exist within the church.  We


Quote of the day – George Orwell on #Pacifism

Those who “abjure” violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf. via George Orwell, “Notes

Religion and Politics

Solution Aversion… goes with Theory of Motivated Reasoning

Imagine if the cure to a problem went against your political leanings… you are then more likely to admit that


Book Review of @Energion’s “Worshiping with Charles Darwin”

There are a few names unmentionable, at least in the positive sense, from the Christian pulpit. One of them, if

John Chrysostom

Tertullian and St. John Chrysostom on Isaiah 45.7

The verse in English, Hebrew, and Greek (LXX): I make the light, I create the darkness; author alike of wellbeing

Logos Bible Software

The @Logos Digital Hymnal in #Logos6

I am not a singer, but I do like the idea of having a small hymnal at my whim. Plus,