Protestant Double Talk?

DOUBLE TALK? Reason with me for a second: We Protestants, giving honor to our name protest against relics, the preservation

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The Law of unintended consequences in Iraq – A tough question for Christians

Read Dr. Jim West, here: I believe that one can make a fair case that Bush’s war in Iraq brought


I.R.S. to monitor sermons now? Yoohoo, they may be saved!

Read here If the article linked is true there will be many interesting and rather unexpected results. The immediate one

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my 4th #painting on canvas. Just call me Vincent van No.

I tried to paint a flower – a purple-white lily (real thing) on a black background. I didn’t get very

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One of my “book notes” for Religious Studies Review is not published at Wiley Online Library

You can find it here: A Common Written Greek Source for Mark AND Thomas. By John Horman. Studies in Christianity

Religion and Politics

Walking a line that is not so fine on Israel

As one who has no problem going controversial, I find that this topic is something I stress about with finding