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Farewell to the ‘Death of the Humanities’ Tagline

For a while now, rumors have swirled of the demise of the humanities — that area you study in college


Review of “Esther and Her Elusive God: How a Secular Story Functions as Scripture”

How do you bring to bear a cross-disciplinary approach to a generally discarded book of Scripture, suddenly transforming it from

United Methodist Church

Considering forsaking the #UMC for the #ACNA to preserve “Wesleyan Traditionalism?”

Recently, a former UMCer-turned-North-American-Anglican suggested that the “traditionalists” (if a schism were to occur) could find a home in the Anglican

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I told you am cr-aaa-aaa-zeeee @five

You can find it here. The story about it is here. Look at the completely diverse way they described me: