The lie

Over the course of my life I have of course had many changes. As a young and inexperienced Christian I

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I dunno… maybe that guy in Houston’s right #NSFW


in the Mail from @ivpacademic, “The Ethical Vision of the Bible: Learning Good from Knowing God”

From IVP-Academic, This introduction to the world of biblical ethics walks readers through the ethical teachings of key people and


in the (e)mail from @KregelAcademic, Interpreting the General Letters An Exegetical Handbook (Handbooks for New Testament Exegesis)

Thanks to Sarah for sending this along… even if I had missed the sign-up deadline. From Kregel, This handbook is

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The Quenching of the Thirst of Thousands

More from working with Cato the Younger. This is from the Libyan march: Off in the distance a stingy little