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My Cargill Caption Contest Entry

Thanks to Jim for this contest.

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More Conversations on Mainline and Evangelical

You remember my posts, right? Here and here. Milton contributed one as well. Well Brian and Jessica have contributed as

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Should the Church Pander to Millennials?

Anyone has comments on this article? Is there a logical and analogous point to what we have been discussing here

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#SBLAAR, Accepted: “There and Back Again, A Jesus Tale: The Poetics of Apologetic Reversal”

This paper examines the presentation of Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem (Mark 11.1–17) via mimesis. Rather than rewriting previous works or


On γαρ’d: touché

Here’s the full paper from the HBU Theology Conference. To be read at SBL2014.  


Review of @FortressPress’s “Resurrection as Anti-Imperial Gospel”

In my opinion, there has been a lack of convincing exploration of Paul’s use of evaggelion as an anti-imperialist statement, with


The question

As technology, ideas and the world itself moves ever forward, the christian church has been grappling with the difficult questions.


ARE there dividing lines between Mainline and Evangelical?

Yesterday, across several platforms, I posted and discussed this question. As you can imagine, it went smashingly well. Everyone loved