Charities are big business in America!

Make no mistake! Charities are big business in America! From both ends! Often the giver is just trying to “buy”

Logos Bible Software

Elementary, my dear Watson… a new resource from @AcademicLogos

We’re pleased to bring you a new app for Android and iOS—Flashcards for Greek and Hebrew. via Just Announced: Free


What does it mean to be a #UMC blogger?

The very Catholic Dr. Michael Barber has some comments on the latest ranking. He notes that among the Top 50,


Review of @ivpacademic’s “Theology Questions Everyone Asks: Christian Faith in Plain Language”

All but one of the twelve contributors is a member of the faculty of Wheaton College, easily the most identifiable

Logos Bible Software

In the email: Anglican Gold – @Logos Bible Software #umc

Thanks to Ben at Logos for this: A Bible study powerhouse: Anglican Gold comes with all of Logos 5’s advanced

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The New Fundamentalism

One of the good things about the fundamentalist movement in its origins was that it set five basic tenants of