One of those days…

This took place a few days ago (the 17th I think) and had a profound effect on me. I have

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Someone invited me?

There is something that is always both flattering and frightening when someone invites you to a thing. Both of those


Fred Phelps has died

I pray for the soul of Phelps who has died this morning. I hope the reaction from those he hated

Publications and Papers

Endorsements for “Praying in God’s Theater” (@wipfandstock)

“Revelation is, at its heart, about mysteries. Such things are best approached in prayer, in an attitude of worship, and

Publications and Papers

It’s finally ready to order: “Praying in God’s Theater, Meditations Upon the Book of Revelation” @wipfandstock

Much like the book of Revelation, Joel L. Watts’ Praying in God’s Theater aims to pull readers into a deeper

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Sunday Morning Sermon @Ravenswood1UMC

I… I just got here. To the United Methodist Church, I mean. I didn’t survive the time the conservatives split