in the email from @FortressPress, Introduction to World Religions (@inkling)

You can find it here. Introduction to World Religions: Second Edition addresses ways to study religion and provides broad coverage

Logos Bible Software

Review of “Bonhoeffer the Assassin?” by @BakerAcademic on the @AcademicLogos Platform

Logos sent along a nice review copy of a new book: Bonhoeffer the Assassin? Challenging the Myth, Recovering His Call to

Sermon Notes

Here it goes… my Sat. evening talk at @Ravenswood1UMC, on the topic of sin

So, if you want, you can watch me speak/sermonize/lecturize/preach/destroy Romans 5 if you want:


Blog Tour: “Can We Still Believe the Bible?” – Chapter 2 @BrazosPress

I have had several online engagements with Dr. Craig Blomberg over the course of several blogs, dealing with my previous


@AiG is not the place for scientific (or theological) answers

When the Big Bang was first proposed by Jesuit Priest George Lemaître, it was almost discarded because it sounded too