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You need to bid on the Lexham Methods Series from @logos

Learn interpretation methods or refresh your knowledge. Understand the Bible better than ever before. Absorb the methods behind commentators’ works—and

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Open Borders, Relaxed Immigration Laws and its Consequences

Okay, you can call this Muslim a nut, you can call this Web site “whatever”-wing. This only means that you

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Ralph Ellis is absolutely* right* about Tom Verenna

Ralph has maintained that Tom has never gone to Rutgers U. And now Tom is leaving Rutgers (best of luck


Coming Next Week – Blog Tour for “Can We Still Believe the Bible”

I am deeply honored to participate by invitation in this blog tour: Challenges to the reliability of Scripture are perennial

Religion and Politics

Soon, you can deny your children health care. Thanks @RepAaronSchock

The U.S. House has taken up the charge of protecting the religious liberty of absolute morons — faith healers. “Schock