Abraham as Allegory for the Mind (St. Ambrose

Abraham represents the mind. In fact Abraham signifies passage. Therefore, in order that the mind, which in Adam had allowed


Methodism in “Introduction to the History of Christianity” (@inkling, @fortresspress)

If you are familiar with what this is, it is a book produced by Fortress Press for the Inkling online

Religion and Politics

An Irrevocable Mandate

“…give ye them to eat!” No one can deny that Jesus speaks a lot about the poor. In a few

Religion and Politics

A light on the argument of Churches and Charities

Many argue against taxation, welfare, and other government programs based on the suggestion that if taxes were less, churches could


Your Daily Dose of Stupidity

This showed up on my Facebook wall today: I hate to tell the 3 people who attend Joppa Church, but