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Two recent reviews for From Fear to Faith (@energion)

MAKE SURE TO READ ALL OF THEIR REVIEW AT THE LINKS BELOW! First, thanks to Charles for this one! The


Yes – the #umc DOES NEED a bigger bible

A retired UMC Elder writes in regards to bringing the canon of the UMC up to standard. He does an

Publications and Papers

cover for “Praying in God’s Theater”


Is your church (building) “Christ Centered?”

I was not inflicted with the disease known as “Christ centered worship” when I was growing up. This seems to


Don’t ask me! Ask this lesbian and academic!

I dind’t say it! Don’t kill the messenger! “Homosexuality is not ‘normal.’ On the contrary, it is a challenge to

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Passenger note to a female pilot: The Cockpit is no place for…

I thought that being a Christian would make one smarter!  Read and be embarrassed of some of your fellow “christians”


Working on my Dissertation – something I’ve murdered, for now

I had to remove some stuff from the prospectus when I turned it into chapter 1. I am studying under


Quote of the Day: David Watson

…God is essentially a construct. God doesn’t do anything except give credence and authority to the ethical claims that we