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Guess what’s back? @Logos March Madness

Voting for round 1 is open March 4–10 at 5pm (PST). You may vote for up to eight authors in


Open Borders? Think Again.

Often I ran into well-meaning, warm-hearts filled with nothing but good intentions who defend and propose that the USA is


Are Indulgences* Un/biblical*?

In Sunday School we are discussing Christianity by century. Right now, we are at the 10th century, about the time


In the (e)Mail from @FortressPress – Introduction to the History of Christianity, @Inkling Edition

Introduction to the History of Christianity: Second Edition tells the dramatic story of Christians’ 2000-year journey to the present day.


More science against the notion of Free Will

Recently, I’ve been involved in several discussions related to Free Will and the such. I do not hold to Free


Free Will, Determinism, or Compatibilism? (POLL)

Just wanted to get a flavor of where you are at: