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Pope Francis and Fundamentalism

“It is not a good strategy to be at the center of a sphere. To understand we ought to move


Book Announcement: Christianity and Psychoanalysis: A New Conversation @ivpacademic

If I were to go back to school, it would be in this area… From the IVP site: Unsurprisingly, given


Review of @KregelAcademic’s A Reader’s Lexicon of the Apostolic Fathers

Daniel Wallace, the most well-versed textual critic of our modern age, has compiled and parsed the most popular words used


Review: The Courageous Gospel: Resources for Teachers, Students, and Preachers of the Fourth Gospel

Robert Hill, Dean of the Chapel and Professor of New Testament and Pastoral Theology at Boston University School of Theology, has


Kimberly Hahn on the difference between Veneration and Adoration

As I noted yesterday, I want to delve more in the adoration of Mary (a very Protestant term, although many