von Harnack on the blessing of the “adoration of Mary” in worshiping Jesus

Yet there is blessing even in the Heart-of-Jesus worship, the adoration of Mary, etc., where they are carried on with


Review of @ivpacademic’s The Future of Biblical Interpretation: Responsible Plurality in Biblical Hermeneutics

The modern world has not treated biblical interpretation kindly. As one of the contributors points out, such interpretation is often

John of Damascus

Reading St. John of Damascus will only help you

This is not a (completely) a plug The Medieval Preaching and Spirituality Collection (34 vols.)  from Logos Bible Software, but

Religion and Politics

apparently, some believe the Duck Dynasty family are equal to the Apostles

This is called idolatry… also, stupidity. And it is from here.


A New Year, a new blog direction

With each “new year” people like to make changes. They vow this or that, to do this or that or