Stunted Emotional Maturity: Thoughts on Returning to Fundamentalism

It is highly unlikely, unless I suffer some mental break or Sarah Palin is President with her own theocratic army,

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Why you should study Plato and Aristotle before watching/making modern movies!

Mimetic Theatre. #boom

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#SBLAAR Goals – books, papers, and booze

To stay away from the Book Hall. I have to go once to give a double-shipped book back to the


Review of @IVPress’s Coffee with Jesus

I have followed the Radio Free Babylon page on Facebook for a while now while watching the Coffee with Jesus


Review of @FortressPress’s Jewish-Christian Interpretation of the Pentateuch in the Pseudo-Clementine Homilies

Note, this is a temporary review. Some editing may occur later. Donald H. Carlson sets the stage for a long