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@catfishjim is bringing Christmas early, and I don’t mean slapping an Arian

Cliff is giving away Michael Bird’s newest tome – The Great Evangelical Theology Giveaway! (@ZondervanAcademic) | Theological Musings.


if you look closely… two #sblaar specials from @KregelAcademic

Both of these look awesome, although one is more awesomest than the other.

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Bible Secrets Revealed – a new series coming soon from @xkv8r

Dr. Cargill writes, Please tune in to this documentary, which seeks to address difficult biblical scriptures and teachings in a


Is God Good or Merciful? What does that mean? (Pseudo-Clementine Homilies)

As you know, I am currently reading this book. So, little snippets that stand out, I’m going to share with

Bible Translation

Christmas Shopping for that Inmate in Your Life

Bible League International will release The Prison Bible in January 2014. The Prison Bible is the Easy-to-Read Version with 52 lessons made


Dawkins, properly, taken to task… but…

Dawkins has a generous self-centredness. Everything associated with him is blessed – his parents for giving birth to him, Ali,