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In the email – @logos’s Worship in the Early Church: An Anthology of Historical Sources

Worship in the Early Church is a four-volume collection of excerpts from early Christian writings illustrating the Church’s liturgical practice


Sunday School – An Appeal to Rome (Justin and Diognetus)

Following last week’s need to be hated by Rome (i.e., World System) we find Christians appealing to Rome for an


What can you buy with enough money?

Title$, position$… and the revi$ion of hi$tory. First, note this post… Hilarious. If you’ve followed the Simcha/Tabor fiasco, you’ll note

Religion and Politics

In honour of Constitution Day – The last Whig Party Platform

Resolved, That the Whigs of the United States are assembled here by reverence for the Constitution, and unalterable attachment to

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Why would you oppose biblical principles?